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In the middle of the National Park of the Echizen Kaga Coast,

there is the “God’s island” Oshima with its forest left untouched for 1000 years.

Fukui, Mikuni, Oshima. There stands one and only museum in the world,

where you can feel the time to have its own life.

Brilliant heart museum

Oshima framed by a large window of 4m × 1.5m

The Brilliant Heart Museum has a large window,which reflectsthe

Oshima with its history of1000 years.

It is like a proscenium arch, withinwhich the story of the light transforming itself

through 365 days and 24 hours is staged.

What would people think in this space.

The tearoom of lights makes itsappearance only where the conversation

between the tea culture and the modernart takes place.

The Oshima viewed from the window,which became the innovation to the tearoom.

Seiju Cut

Countless rainbows will appear when sunlight

hits the “Seiju Cut (invented by Seiju Toda)” installed in the museum.

These rainbows change depending on the time of the day, and will keep changing through the seasons. 

Oshima and rainbows in motion

The image will be shown from 2 monitors installed in the building. 

Art created by the Oshima in various seasons and shining rainbows.

Two things, the light of the Lightface andthe accumulated time of worth 5000 years,

encounter and start breathing.

Face of the 5000 thousand years

 (nearly 500 pieces of the fragmentary Jomon Doki/the ancient Japanese pottery)  

Oshima and rainbows in motion

The image will be shown from 2 monitors installed in the building.

Art creaded by the Oshima in various seasons and shining rainbows.

Service(Green Tea or Wine)

Green Tea


Brilliant Heart Museum

Brilliant Heart

Museum Book


アンカー 1

Dear Visitors

Information on the Facilities and Services


○About Admission

 An advance reservation is required for the admission.

 Maximum of 6 visitors at a time for 1 hour stay.

 As green tea or wine will be served as refreshments, children in elementary school and younger are not permitted to enter.


 Admission Fee:   ¥2000 per person

 (The admission fee includes free green tea and wine. Both accompanied with small snacks.)

 However, we do not serve wine to drivers and minors.

 The payment for the admission fees are to be made with cash only. No credit cards accepted.


 Visually challenged people, people on wheelchairs and those with walking sticks are not recommended to visit at the moment due to  the inaccessible location.


 Reservation and contacts are only to be made by Reservation and Contact Form.



○Request from the museum.

 Please use the parking lot at the Oshima bridge Click here for a map

   You will be asked to take off your shoes upon entering the building.  We recommend  shoes which are easy to put on and take off.

   Please don’t bring in big baggages.

   No pets are allowed.

   No smoking allowed on-site.

   No use of mobile phones, no eating and drinking (lunch boxes, snacks, chewing gums and drinks other than water) are allowed


   Please take your trash home with you.

   If your behavior causes any trouble for other visitors, you may be asked to leave.



○About appreciation

 Please don’t touch the exhibit.

 No photo-taking and video-filming allowed in the building.

 No use of ink and marker pen allowed in the building.

 Please refrain from talking loudly in the building.

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